What languages are used for programming inventions and devices?

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Very interested to know what programming languages are used for programming the various drones, smart refrigerators, bottles, bags that go for the owner that is built into these devices? ( this is mainly represented at CES 2017)
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Any one can apply.
The most common embedded OSes used versions of Linux, except where the native c/c++ and has Python and Java you can put js and bash everything.

Rarely used something esoteric - the more expensive the device, the easier it is to push the normal percent of normal OS and not to bathe with restrictions.
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You can start with JS
so MK - amperka.ru/product/espruino-pico
or a constructor - amperka.ru/product/yodo
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Usually uses C, C++, Python and js. Very rarely Lisp and Java.
But it would be better to use Rust, Julia, Purescript, and Scala.
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