Looking for an image of algorithm of actions in case of "emergency" situation with the computer

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Looking for an image of algorithm of actions in case of "emergency" situation with a computer, which could explain the common user what to click and where to look. I thought I saw something like that on habré, describing the course of action to find themselves in an unfamiliar situation, for example: you want to print the document — you have to find the icon with the printer; if the program offers to perform some action, the button OK is used for the expression of consent. Such a block diagram would have saved a lot of time and would have taught inexperienced users "engage brain" when working with a computer.
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Most likely you saw this
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I have not seen this algorithm, and I doubt that accounting will be able to make it universal.
Although to try, for very very beginners.
Based on your experience can begin with a few very simple points:
— If the program produces a window with one button — don't panic and don't try to call znakomym "computer scientists". Carefully read what is written in the box, and if you agree, and there are no words "delete", "permanently", "lost" and such — feel free to press "OK"
Unfortunately, the second item will follow the instruction like this:
— Just run the program type Petromi.com and make a screenshot of what is happening on the computer. A reference send me in Skype and I'll tell you what to do.
And then I have to explain to a man how to solve his problem, and under my leadership he does it (it's important that myself and after the second or third times the problem is solved independently).
Or are you not about?

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