The program for the local storage of text information with labels(tags)?

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In General, can anyone seen this before.

Requires a Windows program(preferably) like Evernote, but running locally, without a connection to the server at all. You can, of course, and not under Windows, then it will be an example of how to write better.

It just requires the storage of important data with the ability to use labels. So how in Evernote you can select multiple labels at the same time and to see only records with both of these labels at the same time, or even any of the labels (i.e. either "& & " or "||").

If I had the opportunity to choose the type of record the template and edit the template, it would be all super.

PS. Really came close to having to write, but suddenly already have options.

PPS. Open source would be optimal, but not critical.
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You need a Web organizer.
Most popular — CyberArticle. And articles from the Internet shakes all correct. Random write also supports labels.
See more:
-Web Research
-MetaProducts Inquiry
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Look at taggedfrog
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Maybe you will fit TiddlyWiki?
\rHere described in detail
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I use and think is the most convenient program. Tried others but settled on this one.Can be installed on mobile devices which is a plus.
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