National monitoring (vs forecast) in various cities. Do we need it?

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This idea brought the topic on habré the Accuracy of meteorological forecasts. Unlike meteoritov and meteoprotection "national monitoring" are not responsible for forecasting weather conditions, and collects, displays, and outputs the data of environmental parameters on the map based on information about the current environment parameters(temperature, humidity, ATM.pressure, etc.) transmitted from client devices of users of the service.

On topic a full-fledged project is not yet drawn, so I am in QA. The project tested live here:

The company "MASTER KIT" produces an inexpensive Digital USB-thermometer(left).
Thermometer + ETHERNET, developed by elephant (right).


This already assembled device allows you to connect up to 32 temperature sensors DS18B20 (or DS18S20, DS1820 or DS1822) and costs about $ 100, the readings of which can be considered on a PC under win and under nix.

Further, these readings can pass say on any server on the Internet with reference to town data sender of this thermometer.

In the end, you can get a good map Yandex or Google the real situation in many cities of Russia and not only, according to information transmitted by users in these cities.

Your thoughts on this occasion?
The rating of this post will be judged on the usefulness of such a service.

For more information on the supported devices contained on the website of the project.

So, why and to whom it might be needed(a list will be supplemented):
  1. Temperature control(and other environment settings) remote objects.
  2. Temperature control heating/klejenia in the room (1 sensor already in the device).
  3. Temperature control(and other environment settings) in the "field" conditions.
  4. People who are going on a business trip/vacation and do not trust the official projections.
  5. Just curious to know what is out there right now.

PPS Data will of course only for those cities where there are representatives of the community, respectively the unlikely appearance of a little demand of villages.
The project with visualization in Y. the Map lives on
Everyone is welcome. First of all, on the website we read the section "About the project".

UPD2: Client utility for the PC available on the project website. Thank You Mear.
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Then it would be better not forecast and monitored. As an ordinary user it would be interesting on how much of a particular weather provider makes a mistake, i.e. who has more faith... and the weather in Oymyakon right now I have little interest in. but will be interested in the forecast, if going on a business trip...
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If you decide to make the service, I'm all for! To me this idea has long been constantly comes to mind.
Can help html-layout, place "posodobitev" at least 3 places and conduct agitation among the companions.
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and how will you ensure that the device is not in the room or in the entrance?
and how are you going to consider that a window will be warmer?
and what variation will make solar/shadow side? South/North?
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Again, very interesting would be realtime rating different mediaistochnikov as the single city(who to believe on our %goredema%) and in the world as a whole.
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Well I conducted an experiment: checking the forecasts
So: the current temperature indicated on the site, coincides with the temperature on the thermometer outside the window.
temperature tomorrow will likely be the same (plus/minus a degree).
temperature for several days in advance never coincided.
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Anything remotely similar (at a higher technical and financial level) sold on the website realmeteo.
Here you can read their proposal:
In brief, you for the money to buy the station and supply them the information they exchange tselevoi traffic and advertising space.
How it is beneficial to not judge. On the one hand, the station is very expensive, and the quality of the traffic is a bit iffy. On the other, it is one time expenditure and in the long term we can have something and drip :)
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In Omsk already have a thermometer

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