Modern solutions for the implementation of HMI/SCADA systems?

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At work the task is to analyze and select a software product for visualization systems HMI, and with requirements for the management of elements and dynamic update performance. Somewhat simplistically — it is necessary to draw the circuit of an electric network, consider the testimony of a number of sensors, display all this on the remote, to allow the system Manager to carry out not only diagnosis but also the setting/changing of system parameters. While the emphasis is more on the visualization of processes, logic and operations will be added later. Platform and price decisions do not matter, although I would have approached the solution in Java/.NET for obvious reasons.

What I managed to dig up at the moment:

1) GLG Toolkit by Generic Logic (

Cross-platform (core Java) solution for dynamic graphics, data visualization and HMI. Declared support for real-time systems. The desired functionality is available and all is good, except that built-in editor of pictures are just wild, and so is the code (if pressed button name equals "exit" then exit() else if button name = "refresh" goto another_crazy_if_then(), then I think even more). In General, it seems that the development of the tool stopped somewhere in the early 2000s. it is Clear that you need to go, not cheap, but a half hour to spend just to draw an ordinary sensor — electricity is a bit expensive.

2) by CSWorks Control System Works (

Silverlight 4 framework for HMI/SCADA/EMI/M2M solutions. There is support for different data sources, support for distributed transactions through the web, a flexible system of alerts and warnings, support for real-time systems. Judging by the demos, this is quite a good option. The only not entirely clear that they have to power grids — on the website the individual points in the selected application framework of oil and gas, construction, transport, mining companies, and companies that deal with water supply and M2M. Even if these areas are all excellent, we need to finish of course, no one manually does not become.

3) Status Vision Designer by Mobiform Software Inc. (

Silverlight 3 solution for HMI/SCADA systems, used to design systems of production and control processes through the creation of dashboards and display real-time data. The advantages of this solution shown a high degree of compatibility, extensibility, support client-server architecture. I understand it is a kind of analogue Blend'a posting to the web. The advantage is the similar to our use-cases, announced the availability of necessary controls for the purpose of modeling the ES.

4) Sets of controls for WPF/Silverlight Infragistics, Telerik, ComponentOne etc. They are all beautiful and will allow you to glamorous sculptured panels-buttons-sensors, but there is a suspicion that the problem globally with their help, not to solve it.

The task is non-trivial and specific, so I hope that someone will give advice that will remove all questions. But it can at least share the experience of developing similar systems... Thank you.
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SCADA ready and you do not consider at all?
well, there is such MasterSCADA, labview, genesis, winCC?
many of them are including built-in Web services.
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In CSWorks you can ask questions in Russian- in the company there are people good this language owns. About "need to finish": write and tell us what you need, and Doris. For example, recently added a small symbol library for building automation. Absolutely free, ie, nothing.
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Trace Mode
Understood on the manuals and lessons on the web for a month (until then I did not know what PLC)
That's what happened in the end (SKADA for the private brewery):
There is a lot of dynamic objects (the water flows through the pipes, change the levels, spinning pumps, changes the color of the valves, depending on their condition)

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