Why not added commits to the repository?

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Is there a repository . Everything worked perfectly until I created in the repository directly several files , namely pom.xml(child ) and checkstyle.xml (in the project root directory)to build in travis ci . They were not there before . In the repository there is a button create new file . So after that I stopped added to other commits . What could be the reason? 5a8181b122151071608313.png The red crosses are reporting that Travis fell with an error .
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documentation here: https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2
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the idea is that you do not meet the repository on the PC and on github
prescribe in terminal/command prompt in the project directory:
git pull origin master
then all the files that do not match your repository on a PC, or to change (if you changed this in the issue tracker directly), or loaded from github(in your case) on PC
and then you can just as before to push all you have on git
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1. commitish all changes in local repo
2. git pull (solve problems with Meriem)
3. you can send your local comity to the remote repo

If you work with git from a terminal, then if any command fails, the outputs of git tips

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