As implemented, the analysis of the interests of users of mobile apps?

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Hi! Can't find detailed information about how technically collect information on user interests in a mobile application. For the mobile and desktop web methods is clear: it's a cookie, evercookie, local storage, digital print, transparent pixels trackers, etc (if something is missing - add me, please). But as it happens in the mobile app, given that at the moment, many applications do not require user authorization to operate it.
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Read in the direction of how in app Analytics, eg. Appsflyer and other.
The user on the basis of a number of identification signs assigned to the internal aydishnik, it sletta event - and data-driven Analytics, all of it bound in the session and beyond.
Technically, it is not much different from the same cookie, with the only difference that in the case of a mobile app point of placing this cookie is not run application, and install (or even download).

Everything is exactly the same: digital print, pixels and exchane tracking and so on.

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