Simultaneous audio output to two sound cards

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Just recently bought gaming headphones with built-in sound card (usb). Everything seems to be fine, but in fact there was a nasty problem: to redirect the output sound from one application on a specific sound card is necessary to disconnect the second and Vice versa. I want ideally, so I can make a list like "app1 => soundcard1, app2=>soundcard2, app3=>soundcard2" etc. In an extreme case, let the audio will keep in sync in both zvukovojj and the desired output device I can zamutit. Otherwise use "sounding" applications turns into a hell. I almost forgot as always: OS Win7.
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I use parallel speakers and headphones settings the sound card managed to divide them into two devices in Win 7. Skype, TeamSpeak and other communications allow you to choose the device for their needs in their settings — there is, of course, are headphones. In the system is usually selected in the column, but it changes a couple of clicks on the desktop is a shortcut to Sound (in control panel), there are two clicks out of the speakers or headphones and pressed "Set Default". All the sound goes through the selected device.
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Most of the audio applications in Windows can select the output channel. For those who do not know how, there are sound mapper. It can be controlled so: right click on the speaker icon in the system tray — "playback Device" is assigned the default device. There is no other way.
Synchronously in the two zvukovojj the sound can not go by definition. They occurs work with a slightly different frequency. Needed an app that would on the fly did a little resampling implementation. In Linux this makes it a simple utility jack_diplomat, for example, but it's connected to jackd. In Windows, this can probably do most daws, especially using rewire, but this is shooting from a gun on sparrows.

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