Is it possible to make Wifi ADSL router F@st 2804 MTS ordinary Wifi router?

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Good evening, dear harrowdene!

I'm having an issue setting up the router MTS F@st 2804(info). We need to make sure that the device operates with a normal Wifi router, i.e. distributed on the Internet comes to Eth1, for example.

There is a router MTS F@st 2804 (Connectors: ADSL, Eth1-4, USB for 3G modem).

The router can telnet. A list of available commands:
help logout exit quit reboot adsl xtm brctl cat loglevel logdest virtualserver ddns df dumpcfg dumpmdm dm echo meminfo syslog psp ifconfig kill ping ps pwd sntp sysinfo tftp wlctl arp defaultgateway dhcpserver dns lan lanhosts passwd ppp restoredefault route save swversion wan

Here's the instructions to the router:
Instructions for setting up
Another guide
Full instructions

It is not clear how to make it distributed the Internet from Eth1, for example. It is clear that this feature in the documentation of the router is not reflected, but it seems to me that there must be some way. Maybe someone already have a solution or idea? Please write if you have dealt with similar, maybe a link to some checked the manuals for this configuration, routers.

Thank you!
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2 Answers

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sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward="1"
iptables-t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE
Accordingly you need to put iptables to start. And the engine that supports the ipv4 option.forward.
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I'm afraid that, as in most parts of SOHO Routers, instead of a full network interfaces, there is the usual 4 port switch, visible piece of iron as a SINGLE logical interface.
Of course theoretically it is possible to be perverted, write on it 2 IP addresses, and Natit from one to the other. But it hardly goes beyond the purely theoretical framework :)
Of course I could be wrong, but 99% sure that standard tools cannot do this, if there is an alternative firmware is a chance I may have it.
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