How to fix the problem of authorization in WiFi network?

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Not so long ago I had the same problem: WiFi connects but says 5a860f5eb6712564449866.png "no Internet access" (the Internet itself is, with him all right). When you unplug the "control center networks and the General dostupom --> change adapter settings --> wireless network" 5a860f6b412d3946792533.png and re-enabling wifi once connected automatically. Some time after the successful connection(no exclamation mark on the wifi icon in the system tray) in the browser Opera, but in Chrome there(see screenshot). 5a860fa880dbd728580625.png The computer has 2 systems: ubuntu and windows, the problem only manifests itself on windows. Drayvera tried to reinstall, like it's not them. Tell me, please, does anyone know how to solve this problem?
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1) run the Troubleshooter
2) if does not help, in the ipv4 settings untick the "automatically obtain network address" and manually enter the local address of the PC, the network mask (usually and gateway router (the router address you can win+r > cmd > ipconfig\\ all
3) Check DNS server
To make sure that is
In cmd enter nslookup
then ipconfig\\ flushdns

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