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I immediately apologize for lamerskie question, but, I think, plus Yes the karma someone will help.
There is a piece of text:

Satirist Milon came one day to Gnedich drunk, as usual, ragged and disheveled. Gnedich began to admonish him. Moved by Milon wept, and pointing to the sky, said; "there, There I will get a reward for all my suffering..."
"Brother,- said Cherkasov, look at yourself in the mirror: will you let go?"

Written like this:

How to highlight the phrase "let you go?" in red and underline without moving on the trail. string?
Is this rational to do using the tag "a"?
Do not ridicule much, please ;)
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2 Answers

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will you let go?
And where does HTML5?
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I think we need to be more semantico to the question, i.e. to allocate using a tag, giving the expression (or whatever the specification States): strong, i, em.

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