Is there any Coworking centers in Donetsk?

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Anybody working in the mode of coworking in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine? If so, please describe what and how. Also interested in the demand of local freelancers on this mode of operation, because you have the desire and ability to organize coworking center.
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Himself long been waiting for such a center in Donetsk... plus also thought to arrange, but at the moment does not allow...
The demand will be, I think...
because work at home - relaxing... and boring...
P. S. the Donetsk... can meet, to talk...
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In Donetsk, a lot of free office space the price level is above average. To organize Coworking in Donetsk I personally think not very reasonable, in Kiev there were attempts to open so many have closed in Donetsk, the risk of "not to fly" even higher.
Personally, I am in Kiev for a long time in this quality used offices "close" clients are now working at home, in the summer plan to look for something similar in Donetsk. Minus the winter season — pay for office + another 50 to 100% heating (cheap rooms).
Generally easier to 2-3x to rent an apartment as an office, or small office, more Coworking center will not be 100%.
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Suddenly someone from Zaporozhye to want something like that to do — write, contacts in the profile.
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Hello, residents of Donetsk!

Opened a new, cozy place to hold events on business topics - "Business House"!

The lowest prices for coworking!

You can participate in our activities or arrange your own!
We have the best conditions for rent of a workplace in the city.

You have the opportunity to work and not pay a fortune for office, but save them for more important needs.

You are provided everything you'll need:
Workplace (work at a Desk or on the Ottomans)
+ Access to office equipment
+ High-speed Internet access

In addition, you have an opportunity to relax with a Cup of hot tea or coffee.

The rent of the workplace is:
70 UAH. a day for daily rentals:9: 00 on 18:00 on weekdays ;
500 UAH. in a month when renting monthly (monthly rental implies a rental from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays).
Address: PR.Lenin, 2B (Opposite the circus).
For questions, contact us by phone: +380991807575
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The first coworking in Donetsk on Lenin square, next to the Mac.
Called Ofiser
Contacts: (050) 368-37-26, (067) 107-57-54
The same format our coworking in Kiev - Victory Avenue, 67(50 meters from the metro station Nivki).
Come, call! There are all conditions for comfortable work.

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