File system for Linux and Windows?

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Advise PS to create a shared partition for Windows and Linux.

He found out this:


NTFS-3G is slow and loads the CPU.

To Paragon NTFS many complain (have found in the net), you write that there have been data loss.

2. Ext

There are several drivers for Windows.

But no support for ext3 and ext4 (the 3rd is, but without the log, i.e. work with it as with the second).

Driver from paragon support is, but it complain that it is impossible to go up the folder, should start with the root (sometimes there is such a school).

No drivers for W7.

3. UDF

Supposed native be supported in W7.

Created the UDF partition in Linux, trying to record the data — you get the message that no place, though free more 259ГБ, even an empty folder cannot be created.

As with him there in W7 — not tested yet.

4. coLinux

Too slow a solution, although it supports all.

5. FAT disappears at once, because files larger than 4GB.

6. exFAT

Full driver for Linux using FUSE only i.e. brakes as with NTFS-3G

Who that can advise?

— Ubuntu 10.10 x86_64

Windows 7 x86_64

Athlon 64


HDD SATA 320GB, part 1
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7 Answers

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Licked more than once, here, in q&a. NTFS, no options, weak link — win.
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Under Windows there is a plugin for Total Commander to work with ext3:
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ntfs-3g brakes didn't notice.
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Try in Windows to UDF partition formatnut it can work.
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Because the decision that is right for both OS no, the correct answer depends on which OS is used more. If more Linux is used, then it is better to do in ext3, and for access from Windows to use the driver Ext2IFS (when formatting the partition it is necessary to explicitly specify the size of the inode 128). If greater use is made of wind — and then the partition to NTFS and the built-in Ubuntu support (probably via ntfs-3g).
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UDF works in W7. Keep this FS flash.

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