Is it possible to use WooCommerce for the online store or to choose another CMS?

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Expected attendance ~4000/day;
Call the product ~500ед.
In my opinion WooCommerce is suitable for very small stores (up to 10ед of goods). Am I wrong?
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Only in conjunction with the administrator. Which at least will upgrade and make sure that nothing in itself is broken.
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Not worth it.
Saas rule. For really small denyuzhku you maximum functionality with all the selling items such as upsell, crossell, shares, additional sales, etc. out of the box, adaptiv, tech support, a bunch of design templates and finished templates to suit your needs.
But to start and test your niche you can do for free for a trial period.
I love insales, if you want to additionally throw off a large list of saas systems for THEM in the comments.
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Vukomeric is php. Any php can be sharpened by 1-10-100 million unique visitors a day if it will make intelligent assistants with the head.
If the money is enough only for monkeys and programmers without a brain, they will kill any platform. For every attendance. With any volume of data. PTM if money is for good people not then take InSales. For beginners the most.
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