The difference between ARM processors?

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What affects the "cucuruzesti" MHz in ARM processors?

For example, if you take quite popular on WM devices Intel Xscale 520мгц, and compare it for example with a Snapdragon (for purity of experiment, its frequency is also 520мгц) their performance would be equal? If not, what factors influence it, and who from this pair will be faster on a single frequency?

Actually there is often write ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 — what's the difference? Maybe there's a sensible comparison, and a description of the differences, and even in Russian?
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2 Answers

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from the xscale instruction set — armV5
have Snapdragon armV7
The wider the set of instructions, the more performance on specific tasks that use advanced instruction depending on the processor type.
In addition to a set of instructions there is the concept of CPU cache, there are various prediction algorithms trail. instructions.
For good, for comparison it is necessary to download the technical specifications on them, and to study thoroughly. And it is better in practice to drive on the test ;)
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And where you can buy or order development boards with ARM processors. I'd like to order and try there LInux deploy and test...

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