Need help with a regular season — validation of all possible addresses (URLS)?

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I have this regular season, which with his work until recently coped with a Bang:
~^ # scheme [-a-z0-9+.]++:// # username:password (optional) (?: [-a-z0-9$_.+!*\\'(),;?&=%]++ # username (?::[-a-z0-9$_.+!*\\'(),;?&=%]++)? # password (optional) @ )? (?: # ip address \\d{1,3}+(?:\\.\\d{1,3}+){3}+ | # or # hostname (captured) ( (?!-)[-a-z0-9]{1,63}+(?<!-)(?:\\.(?!-)[-a-z0-9]{1,63}+(?<!-)){0,126}+))# port (optional)(?::\\d{1,5}+)?# path (optional)(?:/.*)?$~iDx</code>

But, as many have probably heard, we have a stunning domain.Russia

I would be very grateful for the same regular season (which validates not only http(s)://website(dot)domain — those in the Google bulk), which is also miss spelled correctly russophonie address.
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translate to punycode and vaidilaite
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Off topic of course =) But I will add this question to your favorites, and will each and every poking his nose how to draw the regular season :)
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