Online shop on Ruby on rails. Need sensible advice

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Notice that many people who want to move to RoR suffering from the problem of choosing proper tools, and for this reason I would like to gather a few of your valuable tips to summarize the material in one good article on this topic. Many would have helped if the "switch" on RoR.

Dear experts!

Please tell me how will be faster and more elegant way to roll out the online shop on ruby on rails.

The main goal

Quickly and without dust to get hold of adequate backend to add/edit products. Also, the system users, templates, and other related functions.

Choose from existing RoR CMS

Of course I would like to watch a popular Refinery CMSbecause it is the only system on Rails 3, among those that I saw. In terms of extensions they have a section engines, but in the list there is nothing like "shop/e-commerce".

Also attracted the attention of the so-called Radiant CMS. At least having the right extensions. But there is a big(?) minus: it is not rewritten in Rails 3. Whether messing with it? I just personally think that it is more useful to learn the latest technology.

Saw another Spree engine directly to the online store. But there's, like, too, not Rails 3.

My current considerations

The idea which now tend to take it a refinery and write your engine store for her. At the same time, the experience will put on some mileage in ruby/ror. But in terms of admin — in the system and so is almost all that is necessary is, messing around with the interface will not be much.
Offtopic: the use of engines in RoR is as good style?

Lastly: I would be very grateful

Good advice is if anyone says good set gem'of for all sorts of occasions (so I can something from what is deprecated, God forbid, do not put :-) or link to a resource with a list of current extensions would be even more useful!

Guide newbie :-)

Thank you!
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7 Answers

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1. Admin panel for Rails applications is in the Rails scaffold.
2. I am against the use of TSMs in environments with high abstraction, especially when it comes to environments with such a high level of invested functionality as Rails. Let me explain.
You need a drawing kit — TSMs-style (it includes, pencils 65536 uvatov, 16m colors paint, markers, airbrush, hand 100,500 types of animal hair, drawing Board, Studio on the quay street д17, kV 33 with passive and active lighting, the ordered exhibition in Paris with an open date, 5 prepaid items in any of the auction houses Christie's, Sotheby's, Bonhams to choose from, paid for the plane tickets.
But if you need to draw on the wall of the neighboring house, an abstract painting can, we all you do not need at all.
Despite the fact that it's called capacious word: "Art", you this CMS... mmm... doesn't quite fit.
You don't need a paid plane tickets, you have more time to spend if you pass airline ticket so you do not have ringing statement:"You Cho vasche, are going to fly, no?". You need a couple of gems, a lift and a spray can. Why the sake of the city TSMs I don't understand. You can just write in the Gemfile
gem 'spray-paint' gem 'lift' 

and these gems are, you're not the only one who tries to draw a spray paint.
Moreover, to tie spray-paint and lift to TSMs vseravno have. But the problem is, and TSMs and without it, and size them the same, and do these problems not going away.
3. the last shop I used contained:
gem 'devise' # authentication gem 'haml-rails' # HAML instead of HTML gem 'sass-rails' #sass instead of css gem 'coffee-rails' #coffeescript instead of javascript gem 'postmark-rails' # sending mail gem 'russian' # because we are Russian gem 'paperclip' # for image processing gem 'delayed_job_active_record' # for pending tasks gem 'delayed_paperclip' , '', :git => 'git://', :branch => 'fix_312' # for postprocessing(resizing) images gem 'rufus-scheduler' # type crown, only inside a working rails app gem 'twitter-bootstrap-rails' # to mark up everything, including the admin area gem 'aws-sdk' # required for upload images to S3 gem 'quiet_assets' # that logs are not noisy 

the admin panel is generated via rails g scaffold...
nothing excessive, just enough
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Here's a very handy catalog of ruby gems for all sorts of occasions:
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After some time spent in search of ecommerce ruby came to the conclusion that Spry is the only option. Code, support. Supports both rails 3 and 4. To start you can on mysql and on Postgres and sqlite, even on Mongo, I think. Except that, I think, don't use Synergy (Russian adapted fork), better than the original.

Actually, I think that rails and node and flask\\Django ilk - not for typical projects (blogs, CMS, ecommerce) and users who want a user-friendly interface everywhere. At every step wiziwig. Plugins. Theme. And what would a drop of code in the eye not to see. Unusual designs to dagnytaggart programmers, so all of these TSMs, etc. are meaningless. IMHO.

About gems, I think your fears are groundless - before you put the gem you still go to rubidoux, RubyGems or github. And already there is to see when it was last modified. And in overdue Gema is nothing wrong. And supported by the vast majority of very good and what's not supported - just a bunch of information on the first pages of search engine.
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Spree, sort of like a Rails 3 works too
"Start by adding the gem to your existing Rails 3.x application's Gemfile
gem 'spree'"
he has not yet tried
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Spree in the lead, but its development, "decayed",
and Solidus (or solidus, named after the Roman(?) coins)

Now Spree is called Solidus is such a fork.

YouTube: Video E-Commerce from School
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It would be useful to write/ collect the gems your bike, here's a useful article —
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