plug-ins for the convenience of working in Visual Studio 2010

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What plugins for Visual Studio 2010 you use in your daily work?

Seen in the picture function backlight tab code, preview, colors, frames, etc. when you edit a css file, the autocomplete of the Assembly of reference using when using an unknown class-method, etc.

Maybe there are resources with these plugins and a description of their usefulness?
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4 Answers

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Use daily:
1. Git Source Control Provider —
2. PowerCommands —
3. Productivity Power Tools —
4. VS10x Code Map v2 —
• this plugin developer is very helpful, but they are paid.
5. Javascript Parser —
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We almost all use Visual Assist X it illuminates better code than the built-in Studio, and besides has many useful features for refactoring. But for large projects, very decent brakes.
Still using VisualSVN to integrate SVN into the Studio.
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PVS-Studio — Static code analyzer for C/C++/C++11. Supports at the moment, Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010.

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