Clonezilla, restore the image on a large partition?

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How to restore the image to the whole disk?

Suppose I have a way, removed from the 40GB drive, there is a new a computer with 80GB hard.

How to deploy this image to the whole disk, that would be the final partition was 80GB.

If possible of course.
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3 Answers

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Even if Clonezilla can do it — I just don't remember, but something there was — what prevents parted-Ohm to increase the partition after the restore?
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Not prevent, just by using Clonezilla first name in fleet c different HDD volume, it turns out a lot of manual work.
Although it is possible to standardize everything, and the functionality for users including.
Like what would "self", because with the use of Deployment on the Mac there is this image spans the whole volume of the disk.
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Akronis true image a try, it can network image to suck and stretch on the entire disk.
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