Markup language-oriented sense (meaning/semantic-oriented markup language)?

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For your little project was looking for a lightweight markup language, like bbcode or markdown'. here in this article found that they and other similar

are Presentation oriented, i.e. focused on performance.

Asked a question: whether there are such languages, focused on the meaning of the data?

XML is not considered, because it is quite difficult to edit compared to lightweight.

So if who faced with Tamika languages, please advise.

Still interested in a custom parser for this language, i.e. to have full control over the transformation of the markup into the final document (let it be html).
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For xml, there are a bunch of editors that highlight code, have auto-completion, etc.
For a lightweight... Well, maybe for markdown and reStructured that it is possible to find everything.
Just make yourself convenient and concise xml vocabulary.
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