Why in SunOS 5, SubBlade1000 instead c2t1d0s0 the drive is detected c2t2100002037f0da78d0s2?

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Station can use only one old doctor, she was turned off.
The station has not joined, one of the monitors too. Dragged to her room, she vacuumed, included - works but one of the monitors striped (even without a signal from outside, and the inside looks all normal). Turned off and returned home. Included. Left, wandered, returned. The monitor was dead. Writes-
Dragged. Included, dead monitor (blows the fuse). Hooked up normal, not enough connectors on the green transactions.
Copied the disks using "dd". Day poured with scsi disks, using (probably) usb1, with speed (so wrote dd: 8xx KB in S.) 18G and 36G. Booting from the gentoo installer for sparc64. He didn't recognize the layout of the disk. Error DD not voiced any. Scary sounds of the drives was not there.
Rebooted. I tried what he suggested - fsck -f ufs /dev... existing drives.

1. Why did this happen? (Mixed on the truck, two monitors and a PC, blows excluded. The battery is less than usual, not changed. Location was not cursed, cursed we kanjani.)
2. How to set disk target ?
3. Why they are 2 and not 1. Discs with little bitty rashentikau (could not find cars or adapter such), select the disk, probably outside on the Board (in basket, not pulled). With basket the tape goes on the Board. Wiggled. It did not help.
4. How to copy contents of the NVRAM (or whatever they called it) software Licenses most likely in her...
5. If you virtualize this doglost (custom Board graphics cards, processors and memory the replacement is not, ... sooner or later hardware will die) for QEMU - get? For the same performance which platform? (better what to look for in our Pisanka:)
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If "cheating": overwriting vfstab to replace the old names to the new disks... But this is an extreme case.

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