[solved]Distribution of the Internet via the router through OpenVPN

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The situation is the following. Have a router Asus RT-N16, there is a Tomato firmware. There is a provider that offers Internet access via l2tp. There is a desire to use a vpn tunnel to somewhere not in this country. The benefit of providers of such services sea. The choice had fallen on one of them, which uses OpenVPN.

On the router, the tunnel rises, the corresponding interface is, the routes seems to be true But the Internet is only on the router (using this new OpenVPN tunnel) to workstations behind the router when lifting OpenVPN'and the Internet disappears. Remains the only local provider going through another interface.

Question: How to share an Internet connection via OpenVPN, raised on the router?
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To do nat/masquarding for the internal network via ovpn interface.

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