Software for synchronization and backup?

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Was surprised to find that the software given to me on the OTHER external drive Western Digital absolutely poor. Program backup allows you to select the types of files (documents, music...) and not specific directories, and the synchronization is generally not provided.

Please advise software day backup and synchronization.

Requirements becau I have are:

1. To specify how many versions of each file for each store

2. The possibility of recovery without spetsialnogo software to the directory with the latest versions

3. Of course the ability to specify which folders to recapitulate

Thank you
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4 Answers

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look at cobian backup.
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Are unlikely to use, but still:
Wrote on Habre about the program.
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Acronis True Image Home
has its glitches
+ quite distinct from the interface
+ you can unzip the backups of the usual archiver
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SyncToy sync backup + optional evening run on sheduler.

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