Samba read speed and write as it should be?

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The question is, have the car collected from gigabyte ga-n3150n-d3v 8 GB memory, WD Blue 500 GB, installed ipfire 2.19 (119) and included Samba shared folder.

I tried to read/write to and from ipfire to the folder and got the following results:

As it should be? Or should be the opposite? Reading 700-800 Mbps, and the recording 300-400, or not?
Maybe somewhere to twist the settings?
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2 Answers

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For a start, test the network speed (eg. iperf).
If it throws 900-1000Mbit/sec, then see what I/o on the server (eg. iotop).
Modern drives cope well with the production record at 100MB/sec
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I will pick ipfire. iperf shows the same stupor somewhere. Probably the kernel parameter and some Samba innocent.

How that will come up, I will unsubscribe.

Everyone who came along - thank you!

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