Alarm clock widget for android 2.1?

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In General, the subject.

I have a phone SE Xperia x10 mini pro, se xperia owners Android I think I understand. There's the standard clock widget on the desktop, like this:

And the key point in this widget: when the phone alarm is set it under the date displays the alarm icon and time how much bolnick rang.

Unfortunately I do not know how to take a screenshot on the phone of the rights Ruta are not.

So I bought myself a tablet on Android 2.1 and faced a problem — there is no normal clock widget to show immediately and the alarm time.

There are clock widgets that I can display the set alarm clock, from this I conclude that the API for getting the time the alarm exists. But they are all terrible, made under htc sense all sorts of tumbling, etc.

I need a simple clock widget to just white text with no background, like on the se.

Actually, such a widget I made using Make your own clock widget:

But faced with a problem: it does not show the alarm time. In the market found only individual alarms. A separate alarm clock set you do not want, I was quite happy with the system. All I want is a widget on the desktop 1vs1 which would show the next alarm time (I usually costs 3-4 alarm every 10 minutes, with the first not stand up in) like this:
alarm.png 08:00

Looking for a week to no avail, searched all forums, but haven't found anything yet.

It generally difficult to write? API for getting the alarm time is 100% because I was looking for a clock widget have encountered several who are able to show the next alarm time.
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A good man with raven6 helped me in my problem.
Put the Digital Clock widget (only who wants to set look carefully, there are several applications with the same name, have from this author to put), he was minus — size 2x1 and 3x2 I wanted. Eventually bought the paid version of Launcher Pro and just stretched it. Made the display of time and alarm and date pulled side using make your own clock. And at the same time from the top put a link to the alarm clock. Got exactly what I wanted: 3x2 widget with clock, alarm, date, simple white, and even a link to an alarm clock climbed.
Happy :)
A screenshot to make it clear what is achieved:

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