Pull the USB interface ExpressCard

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There is a need to podatsa ExpressCard in the laptop on the subject of how to use the USB.
Found the Pinout www.allpinouts.org/index.php/PCI_Express_Card_and_PCI_Express_Mini_Card#PCI_Express_Card

But there are a few questions:
1. Where to get 5V? Unfortunately ExpressCard operates on 3.3. Do cards that implement the USB ports improve it?
2. What is the "Card use USB bus" (the 4th pin)? I understand from googling and having received, he is responsible for hotplug, which for me is not critical. Correctly-whether I understand?
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www.xdcamexinfo.com/UxX/index.htm here ssylee comrade pulled the USB ExpressCard ExpressCard using an SD adapter as a donor connector. 5V is really not, it takes it power from a separate USB.

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