Automatically add a second e-mail of the customer in the field CC in Thunderbird

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The question is. There is Thunderbird and there is a customer with two emails. He writes always with these e-mails. Sometimes with one, sometimes with another. Is there a solution to that, if you reply, the letter was always formed on the two e-mail immediately. Machine. For example stretched with address book all of his soap, or something else... Whatever...

Like a trivial task, and how to do it solution can't find... Extension would have saved probably, but it seems that there are not looking.

Thank you!
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There is an option to create a new distribution group. Address book -> New list -> Add a list of e-mails to send messages, as some call him, if you want, give a description. Let list called list. In the sender's address write list and send it to our list. Of course, this is not an option with automatic pulling from the address book, but quite logical. Hope helped somehow to make life easier. If not, then I'm sorry.
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