How to disable xscreensaver when I watch online TV?

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When I watch FF fires the fullscreen, some BBC, after ten minutes, turn on xscreensaver. To get out of bed and pull the mouse as you do not want. To manually turn off xscreensaver, but after watching be included too. Is there any way to get rid of it?
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Watching something in flash or a plug-in what player?
Itself, this problem was solved by appletom to gnomepanel that click blocked that the system is in standby mode. But, in the end, found/dug a direct link and watching it in normal players.
If no ready-made solutions, that comes to mind is just a crutch that would look for network in the case of activity in certain areas of block b the start of the screensaver (or is there a addon for your browser that would provide the URLs of open pages look).
In Google a lot of crutches that inhibit the screensaver if the browser is running flash. But it is, IMHO, quite dirty solution.
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