The laptop with the remote restore section + a copy of Windows 7. Can I put it?

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Good day,

Guys, someone can help me? Such situation: there is a fairly fresh HP laptop with the deleted recovery partition (which is Windows). On laptop bottom sticker with the license number on "Windows 7 Home Prem OA". Initially the laptop was intended for the German market. At this point, all partitions deleted, hard drive repartitioned.

Question: how to me it to put license Windows (English version)? Ie to use this license number to activate? Is it possible somewhere to download the original copy (where?) and enter this license key? Will it work?

Thank you.

PS the HP tech support told me to contact the service center. This option is, for certain reasons, is not considered.

P. P. S. I Sincerely sympathize with people voting a minus in a karma for a question.
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2 Answers

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To download torrents original image Home Premium, install, enter key.
I did that with Win XP Home on a netbook.
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You know that it would be a violation of the license agreement? You can only use the German version. If the license side you don't care, then again, this is not a resource to ask where to take and how to break... :)

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