Ukraine. Customs clearance, two parcels in one day. How to minimize tax?

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It so happened that two kindle I ordered from Amazon at different times have managed to enter Ukraine one day, eventually the total cost of the two parcels exceeded gadskie 200 euros and need to pay. With kindlon 140$+180$+2x25$ (for shipping) = 370$ to pay another ~1600grn (200$), this estimated figure is called the courier, would be unwise. I would like to clarify what are the possible options to minimize costs. Is it possible, emphasizing the fact that this is two different parcels, to try to push through them without customs clearance? Is it possible to return the shipment to the sender is not rastegaeva?

Thanks in advance.
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I had a similar situation — demanded duty, as was listed office address.
And UPS, and Amazon advised me to refuse the parcel, which I did.
Ago was a long time, a month. Then within 3 days got the money back on the card.

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