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I have two mailbox and make use of them using the mail program in iPhone.
Both the box free.
Letters get and send mail by using it can't — get a message saying that "server does not support relaying" and my letter is still hanging in Outbox.
With yahoo there are no problems and the mail on go.
I read about the relay can not really imagine how it relevant to the failure send emails and what to do with it.

Please give advice on how to fix the problem.

Upd: Go to settings saw that the forwarding and pop is positioned as an opportunity for owners of premium mail.
Bought premium mail is still not send emails.

Upd2: Solution found!
May be someone is useful, because the solution of this problem I found on the Internet.

Decided to carry this account to the app.Mail and start again.
If you confirm, the server saw that there imap America OnLine i.e. AOL!
Got an account in the app.Mail, AOL, login pointed everywhere
It worked, emails are sent, yay!
Now I'll wait until a premium account and check whether to run send for a free box.
As for settings, specified server and about AOL not mentioned.
And if you act according to the instructions on the website — sending emails not working.
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2 Answers

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Maybe something will change if you change the Protocol.
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Protocol outgoing mail I have only one smtp.
Or I misunderstand the word "Protocol"?
There is a selection in the Inbox, there changed.
Was imap, and now pop3.
Mail is not going away anyway.

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