Program for the design of interfaces is a strong possibility of net exports

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Sit Roy software to design interfaces for such tasks:

1) make a card template of the product

2) translate it into a format that can be otparit

3) use the script template that you created will be ottersen and automatically filled in in the admin panel

1 there is no problem. pattern know how to do everything and all is well. But the exports that normally could otparit like something is tight.

While pretty tight picking balsamic vinegar. It all fits do well template. With Napkee exported to hypertext markup language. But the thing he arranges them based on the unique ID order, not by location or following: is, for example, happens when you delete the old bloc and add a new one, or if we do the work inconsistent. Visually nothing changes, but the code as needed, not structured, depending on mestopolozheniya. This complicates parsing and editing templates. You can set their id and on their basis to do the parsing, but this increases the creation time of the template significantly.

Is there any such program that arranges the elements in order? and generate more or less pure HTML without any style and so on, because I need a pure value class which the parser will determine as the field type and zavisimost to give him already the desired value in the admin?
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Interfaces project designers, not the program...
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Try SketchFlow it to prototype automatically generates the XAML document.

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