Free platform photo gallery for a photo contest

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Wanted technically unshod man engine photo gallery, which can be integrated into the website for the online photo contest.


1. does not require additional financial costs to implement all the items below;
2. provides the ability to send photos with descriptions, comments, etc. without registering;
3. has a widget to post comments;
4. has a customizable widget for voting;
5. more or less safe, easy and agluonai;
6. it is desirable Russified;
7. is comfortable or at least customizable flipping;
8. independently determines and selects the photo with the highest rating (would be amazing);
9. the external design is editable;
10. has a comfortable and intuitive also technically incompetent person admin. area.

The engine can be specialized, for example, news, but to meet the criteria.

I would be extremely grateful for advice from the Council.

* Somewhere in the process there may be additional.
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