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Primary setup Archbang

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Beginning to enjoy trying to understand basic things and learn how to configure the system on the example of running from a flash drive before you start the installation on hard and lose (very possible) partition with WinXP.

Archbang out of the box — this is what I came dopilivat Arch own from scratch, and a few months. This is for those who want to ask "Why Archbang instead of the usual Arch"

There are many obvious things which (almost) every Russian-speaking user is confronted immediately after installing Archbang and each time they are solved!

— Setting switch layouts and display the current layout in the "tray"
— Installation of Opera (Yes, that's "every", but there are such people :)
— Question marks instead of file names, for example, in the player
— Refinement of font smoothing (after WinXP+GDIPP fonts in Archbang seem to be very unsympathetic)

Can you advise any user that is such a plan? It is a mandatory sequence of actions after installation distro, it is always the same, maybe someone at least for myself, made a plan, in what order, and what to do right after installation? Without such "basic" settings, even "Google" the answers for setting up Russian language is impossible, with what I have encountered is the Russian language out of the box no that naturally.

And sorry, I do not see where I could stick Harakat, let remains as is :(
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it's almost a normal Arch Linux, because the docks all to take it.
\'_Guide — this wiki page is a Russified even enough at the top of the language switch. Personally, I used to Arch Linux, a lot of questions there decided.
\ — this is also nice.

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