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Theme frameworks for WordPress: Beans — Roots — Gantry, which is better?

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Good day! The task is to write an adaptive template of the company website on wordpress, the framework for these purposes. Came across 3 of the framework: Beans, Roots, Gantry. I stared at Bootstrap, but he is not particularly friendly with WordPress. What framework is better? Perhaps, someone worked with data frameworks and can give your advice. If not, then what framework to choose? Thanks for the help!
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Bootstrap, but he is not particularly friendly with WordPress

what are you talking about anyway? it's just the KSS framework friends it can with anything, even with VP.
Why you framework for the topic? What would the developer after you sat down and looked at another code? Why not take the starting topic type _s to tie bootstrap and fun, fast and melodic to perform its task?

In addition to that you will spend a ton of time learning the "framework" theme, you'll make things harder for the developer after you.

Try to follow the WordPress Codex, then there will be no problems do you have with the design nor the one who will develop
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If you plan to monetize the topic and sell it on themeforest, then of course you need to tie the framework to the topic. Frameworks quite a lot. Select your option.

Often, premium themes are greeted with this framework -

But if you need just to do "admin" for the theme and you don't plan to monetize, you can use the plugin Advanced Custom Fields
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framework for what?
not is framework for everything. it is only in Russia 99% of programmers think that it is necessary to take the steep framework and will be happy. not sometimes steep.
we need to understand what is the problem? what's the issue? and then look for under these frameworks.
if we talk about WP and it is a framework. until you have sawdust from the head will not fly you all the other frameworks are contraindicated.

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