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Interested in turnkey solutions allowing you to deploy on your own server some network of communication within the company (or, rather, group of companies). Focus is placed on communication and exchange of experience. Everything should be simple, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Search did not give acceptable results in most cases there is no "box".

Required functionality:

  • Knowledge base (articles or wiki), discussions
  • Collective blog
  • Questionnaires
  • The stock files with the descriptions and categories
  • Announcements for all (or groups) of users
  • Group (company) users to control access

It would be interesting (fantasy):

  • Integration of external authorization
  • Api
  • Managing projects/tasks
  • Integration of the bug tracker (redmine)


  • The solution should work on LAMP: php/ruby/python/perl, really do not want Java
  • Ideally open source, but it is possible to see a paid/closed options

Thanks for any thoughts on this issue.
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Also it would be interesting to know whether there is on the LAMP. But something tells me that, unfortunately, no. But almost all can be implemented on a paid Microsoft SharePoint
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There is a suspicion that all of this can be raised on the same Joomla, for example...
Design template to choose on the taste and finished.
Authorization is LDAP.
The polls there.
Wiki is not checked, but seen.
Faylopomoyki is.
Project management Projectfork (he use)
It features discussion.
Redmine is not seen as a module, but can be put next to
Newsletters and announcements — all sorts.
LAMP, open source...
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I don't know if my answer is relevant. You may have already found a suitable alternative. But still I want to recommend TeamLab is an open platform for creating enterprise portal. Hosted on SourceForge: SaaS version is free, so you can freely register on the website and all features look.
Of the necessary functionality at the moment no access. But there is a module for project management and corporate chat. Possible minus is project.
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A good solution would be the introduction of "Enterprise portal", see
or the boxed version of "1C-Bitrix24", see
but expensive...

and the easiest thing

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