Why when you request a local address I get on nextcloud?

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Hello. At cloud.domain.com through proposely port get on nextcloud.
In the config of a virtual host he listens to this domain.
Why now when I get! on I get the same nextcloud ? Who faced?

Access via an untrusted domain
Please contact your administrator. If you are the administrator of this server, edit the parameter "trusted_domains" in the file "config/config.php". Example settings can be found in the file "config/config.sample.php".

Depending on the configuration, this button may be trusted the following domain:

Add "" as a trusted domain
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Default host registered? If you receive a request for the IP address or domain name that nginx is not registered, he or falls into default either (not sure here) the first of the virtual domains.
Do a simple:
server {
listen 80 default_server;
return 444;

And your cloud.domain.com list separately.

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