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Is it possible to see the multicast streaming video display of the Sony PCS-XG100 on VLC player?

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A video display of the Sony PCS-XG100, with the possibility of multicast streaming. Connect and view the stream now produced exclusively in QuickTime Player (or QuickTime browser Plugin). To keep this useless monster for one problem - it is very irrational. Trying to attach to the case lightweight and versatile VLC, but all attempts fail.

Here is the SDP for connecting to the stream in QTP:
o=KypraH 9336 34476 IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 49501 RTP/AVP 98
c=IN IP4
a=rtpmap:98 mpeg4-generic/32000/1
a=fmtp:98 streamType=5; profile-level-id=15; mode=AAC-hbr; objectType=2; config=1288; sizeLength=13; indexLength=3; indexDeltaLength=3; constantDuration=1024
m=video 49500 RTP/AVP 98
c=IN IP4
a=rtpmap:96 H264/90000
a=fmtp:96 profile-level-id=640032; packetization-mode=0; sprop-parameter-sets=J2QAMqwXKgFAFuQ=,KP4Briw=

Directly this file VLC picks up, no error messages, nothing.

Attempt to connect to the multicast group via a URL rtp://@ (this is the only video port, although the sdp file are described in the audio stream on port 49501)
The result:
SDP required:
A description in SDP format is required to receive the RTP stream. Note that rtp:// URIs cannot work with dynamic RTP payload format (96).

Thus we conclude that VLC does not know anything about the format, code 96 (with audio same, only the format of 98)

Can all of these parameters point to a string of additional options when opening a URL?
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2 Answers

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In VLC open URL rtp://@ where - address and port of the stream. address/port poidee configured on the terminal
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Join issue. Terminal PCS-XG 55. The rest of the issue is the same. Maybe you can use another player?

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