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After reading the post Chatroulette with their hands — 50 lines of code, I decided to try to make an internal site with a videoconference (sufficient resources) not only on the principle of chatroulette.
I would like to know:
1. Do I need CMS if Yes, what kind?
2. How much will clog the channel if there will be a conference over the Internet (not local network)?
3. What programming language is best to write the client?
If there are People who did what or to have experience in this area, I will be glad to councils.
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1. Any of Your choice, the specialized seems to be no.
2. If You will be the server that much (depends on the number of users connect/broadcast), unless the client or p2p technology is not very (welcome video, the impact of his)
3. It is possible on the same FLEX, and chatroulette — are-the-shelf components for this.

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