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Aggregator mini-payments (for games) with a simple withdrawal

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The service for making small international payments in the game.

It is necessary to take SMS, credit cards (preferably paypal).

At the same time — so you can easily withdraw money. For example, in webmoney. Or issued by the aggregator debit card.

At the moment, found the "Offerpal" and "Social gold". But both systems allow you to withdraw money only through Direct Deposit, which in our country, as I understand it all. Well, a check... but the collection of the cheque is the whole story...

Is there something like that? Know that there are plenty of SMS aggregators. But I would like something combined SMS + credit card.
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3 Answers

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Most of the foreign firms under mean Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer, too, that we have quite a works well. Write to the comrades in the caliper, I think they will be happy to answer.
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