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Open a new tab when you search in Chromium? Even on the little things

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Just realized what else I'm really lacking in Chromium (6.0.472.53 (57914) Ubuntu 10.04) — automatic opening of new tabs when searching. In Fiefox, this behavior was configured in about:config (its analogs as I understand it, too, is not and will not :( ) or plugins of type TMP. Can we configure to set the url when a new tab is not opened, and when the search is opened?

Well, two more question after that same TabMix Plus implemented in Fx:
Setup open a new tab (Ctrl+T) to the right of the current — can you?
Tabs or multiple rows (preferably), or constantly scrolling, not to compact them to the "one pixel"? Maybe just the analogue of Tab Mix Plus is (too many Tabs was looking — not :( )?
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2 Answers

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1) Instead of enter press "Alt+enter" when you send a query from the address bar.
3) perhaps Unrealizable, the interface in chrome can't be changed. Only the vertical versions of dev --enable-vertical-tabs
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Preseeds here, if you don't mind.
Is the seventh branch of the daily builds.
It is possible somehow to force to open all links to other domains in new tabs? And even in the Google search sometimes opens in the same tab.
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