How do I output the contents of the input without duplicating?

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Hi all.

I trace event input "input keyup", for that would lead immediately to the screen to filter blocks data which the user entered. But when I try to bring a definitive version of what the user entered (using a click), I'm going through duplication.


$('#searchPermitted').on('input keyup', function (e) { //... addLiBlocked(); }

Trading on the screen:

addLiBlocked function() { $('.select_lists-choose-blocked').click(function () { $('#select_left ul') .append(''+ $('#searchPermitted').val() + ''); }) }

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The standard approach is to use a timer between clicks.

var timeBetweenTypes = 700, // time between clicks 700мс myTimer; // timer //start the timer while firing keyup $('#searchPermitted').on('input keyup', function(){ clearTimeout(myTimer); if ($('#searchPermitted').val()) { myTimer = setTimeout(typeEnd, timeBetweenTypes); } }); // believe that entering text in input over function typeEnd () { $('#textAppender') .append(''+ $('#searchPermitted').val() + ''); }


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