How to make money with your browser extension?

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Good night!
I read a similar question: How to make the creators of extensions for Google Chrome?
But I still have confusion. For example, what services for advertising you can use for embedding it using your plugin? I have a small plugin that I wrote for myself, but it appears little demand, because giving away is not very desirable (at least for work to earn), it would be desirable to receive from it any profit. Who developed the plugins, as you have began earning on them?
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Made a plugin that swaps the files on the links on the page. To speed up surfing.
The plugin proved to be popular.
Then the security came to find out how some secret files zakalyalas they have in the internal network of the Department.
With is worse the issue is. 46% of users use rusalki advertising and spam filters to traffic to save. Those customers who are most of the banners show on them the filters are automatically configured.
Your advertiser see what you traffic is generated, and the user is not I see you with your plug-in make the list that you have is not necessary to show. And your program is advertisement shows the cover.
And you look at the figures - people plugin downloads, but it is not showing anymore. And why - and no one to ask.
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View examples of other plugins.

Some ask for donations.
Other ads show.
Some offer paid services (a white list won, for example)
Some of them did not mean monetized, but the line in the summary "lead developer of the plugin Investmentmoney" is worth something, I guess.
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Advertising need somewhere to show.

0. Embed your advertisement in the page is forbidden.

1. Opening of extensions your web page with the spinning on it is, if the extension opens a tab in the browser.

2. If there is a popup window of the extension, when you click on the icon then embed the banner that is loaded through an IFrame from your website. Grey way, as banners advertisers approve of the website, not the extension.

In both cases, you need to have the website approved by the advertising system.

3. Donation through the Paypal link in the popup window. If users are mainly from Europe/USA, and the audience is expanding constantly and is growing well, then a couple of cups of coffee a month to collect ).

3. To work with affiliate network. I only know one (who knows other similar networks, also throw in a comment link):, but worked with her for a very long time. For expansion it is necessary to use a Deep Link (, then you can do without your site.
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