What makes wp_cron.php?

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There is a site on WP. The site sometimes loads for a very long time. After reviewing the logs of the load understood that the script wp_cron.php creating a wild load. Turned it off through the config site started to fly.

Sinned on curve plugin, but no, Kron yuzal only 1 plugin and disable its tasks are not influenced gluttony wp_cron.
So ship what is the inner process of WP. What exactly does the script for the wp? There is a list of functions that he runs? The feeling that there is something fixated.

But nearby on the same hosting is another site on WP and with him no problem...Both the latest version of the engine.
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Specifically about wp-cron by 7:30

Also, there are plugins that allow управлятьwp reversed. For example, https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-crontrol/

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