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Good afternoon dear subscribers. Recently began to attend a feeling that reached a ceiling. I do not know what to take, tossing at different rates (wasting my time, you might say) knowledge that give these courses can not apply and in the end throw in and I'm starting to burn out to it (although I've always loved that thing).
Briefly about yourself:
32. Not a programmer)))
Started my career in it (so to speak) in 16 years, in the computer club, minor repairs, turn off and so on.
Then went through the standard ladder it engineer.
1. Work in exhibition company, technical support of the Exhibitions (web, print badges on specialized equipment, creation of databases under the exhibition), plus the support of the office of 25 people. Raised AD IP telephony for Panasonic CRM system Terrasoft, Mailer in General, the standard set.
2. Next was a green Bank from a specialist support service to the Head of the sector of technical support of Internet Banking.
3. Recently went to a very large international company manufacturing electronics pre-sale engineer, with a conditional downgrade but always wanted to work in the Vendor.
And actually to the point. Got bored working at the moment, the field is very narrow (visualization and software management). Feel not use even 10% of the knowledge and toupee, toupee, toupee. But there is an understanding that knowledge which is not enough for example to become an Engineer in any data center or large object as it was in the technical support and system administration division has not got (got stuck in total on 2nd line). Thought to begin to learn programming but it's not fast and the competition is great (I pushed around on the courses JAVARUSH and the like) and scored. In General a vicious circle.
1. Microsoft Windows Server, AD, centralized management structure of the it on the Microsoft database with all components such as WSUS and others take off.
2. Information security is unfolded from scratch and worked with Kaspersky Admin KIT (all the transitions from version to version control and so on). Accordingly, there is an understanding of what IB is and how it works.
3. HP servers, tape libraries deployed system backuping to tape libraries.
4. VEEAM - see above
5. SAP implementation in the format filiaal and work in it.
6. Management of it unit from scratch, establishing processes, managing staff, etc.
7. Network equipment itself.
8. Visualization, prof display, LED, system management.
9. Also work with the workflow of it Department, tenders, procurement, maintenance warehouses.
10. Languages: English (Upper), German (average), Korean (intermediate), Russian native
And Yes. It education no. Self-taught (maybe that's why rushing) Now get remotely, I am getting so to speak base.
I think that now to learn what would grow.
I stopped for further Microsoft certification (up to Expert) maybe someone of you that the thread will be able to advise
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1 decide the direction where you want to grow
I think that now to learn what would grow.
- the spherical growth in a vacuum activity is extremely harmful. Anyone want to be a programmer? admin?
bezopasnym? NetWorker?
Thought to begin to learn programming but it's not fast and competition is fierce
java rush is good if you need to learn how to program, currently the best there is in the Runet. But with them everything is just beginning
I stopped for further Microsoft certification (up to Expert) maybe someone of you that the thread will be able to advise
- you need it for work or for yourself?)
2 Google the necessary minimum of knowledge for that field in which you want to develop
3 zabirayte missing from the net/courses/books
4 go to the interview
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And again, "decide for me what to do".
"stopped for further Microsoft certification (up to Expert)" well, don't need to ask and wait for something solution.
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You decide what you want - something to learn or somewhere to settle.

If you learn something new - well, learn well, no one interferes.

If a job - write a list of what can need not toaster, and the summary and rassylka for vacancies.
If a very bad job in town, think about moving. Perhaps in another country, once you are all good with foreign languages.

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