The Proxmox cluster 5: how to add shared storage for all nodes?

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Actually, a subject. Now a cluster of 2 nodes, will add soon a third. As a General warehouse at the time of creation were used ceph RBD. Need to add a disk shelf via FC (multipath).

The process of adding one node like this:
1) Create disk groups, virtual disks them;
2) Sumapit the moon to the host group (my three nodes)
3) With one of nod to create the VG, something like this:
the pvcreate command on /dev/mapper/3690b11c0005284d1000006215ad4a707
vgcreate pve-vms /dev/mapper/3690b11c0005284d1000006215ad4a707

Question: how to add a repository so that it is immediately seen on all three nodes?
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To mount a device on all nodes in the same place and say in the web interface that it is "Shared".
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