Is it possible to make money on the website with the culinary theme?

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Have unique content with recipes.
More than 2500 articles, the author of which is a professional culinarist.
Tell me what is the idea to create a blog with this subject ( recipes ) and try to earn with adsense or something like that. I'm not very hopeful, but I want to try. Moreover, I have never tried this method to do it.

How do you think, good idea or worth a try?
What to expect?
Can you advise some strategy?

In any case, I would appreciate experienced advice.
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6 Answers

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well to pay for hosting and can earn
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A net site is hardly. Well, if only the site will be a makeweight to the main blog on YouTube or another popular site, which enjoys the attention of the local audience. But I think it is easier all the same on YouTube to get the main blog , than to invent a Bicycle.
So the plan is:
1. YouTube
2. recruit subscribers .
3. add a link to PayPal and patron
4 hold interesting stream with Donati
5. When the blog will get a lot of subscribers open the website
6. Website you can monetize a paid subscription.
So in my opinion the website is the last thing to do for the blogger wants to earn on its activities.
PS0, you Can try Yandex, Zen, they pay money for a popular article and a lot of views.
PS1 itself blog standalon (especially a pop as cooking) is useless. Most people are sitting in large social networks, the rest of the Internet is not interesting.
PS2 If you want to make an interesting blog standalon make a website on a narrow topic in which few people understand. For example programming in Assembler on Linux. Then its audience will be. However it is unlikely to be solvent.
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The main approach is correct. At the start, Yandex Zen.
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Blog - unlikely, Vblog - can and will soar.
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From my personal experience.
Culinary themes, 800 users a day brings$ 20 a month with google adsense, in the course of the year.
A website without promotion without advertising, reached 800 per day, for 3 years. So consider.
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