Optimal what kind of VPS needed for these goals?

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VPS servers do not know much about this please give advice on the choice of the optimal VPS for this purposes:
1. VPN on VPS database. Read article https://habr.com/post/335516/ I am concerned the 2nd paragraph:
"Choose a VPS closer to you geographically, if you want to have a reasonable speed through the VPN. The lower the ping from you to the VPS, the better speed"
Since I have a greedy service provider, cuts the speed by a lot. Can we test ping/speed up a VPS.
2. VPS hosting for website the landing page(in development)
3. Bots ArchiSteamFarm (https://github.com/JustArchi/ArchiSteamFarm/wiki/S...
4. To run the required browser
As well, the question is: what configuration and OS to choose for this purpose? And optimum prices for the year?
What pitfalls there are when choosing a VPS and what else should be paid attention to before purchasing a VPS.
All thankful in advance.
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A VPS without a test can not be taken. Typically, you may be a dead CPU and disk subsystem.
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If the wire cuts the speed, you can hammer on the point about speed. All of the UPU, as a rule, not less than 100 megabits/s. Another thing is that 100 MB/s in Europe - it does not mean that you will receive from the Russian Federation to such a speed, even if you do not limit your dash.
Based on your other requirements, you can choose any more or less common hosting based on the price. At the start You will have enough minimal data plan.
Thus, the only thing you need to be puzzled when it locks in the light of recent events.
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Judging by your query you can safely take cheap Dedic € thirty-five
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1. Decent hosting should be tool speed test. For example.
2 Under the single-page site will suffice, the minimum configuration of any new path, example, 200 rubles.
With Windows you better don't mess up any of the minimal free line Linux. Pay attention to guaranteed channels. At the cheapest rates you will receive 1/8 of a day, well, in the moments of evening peak will share the channel with everyone, and some of the neighbors there will place part of the store video, discover the delay.

In General, it is better to contact the hosting companies, who have their own servers, not rented cuts)
Good luck!
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the servers take foreign.
location frankfurt / london / paris. we ping from 50-60(if you take normal)
the price tag will be enough for 5$ - 1 core xeon 2.4 GHz / 1Gb RAM / 25GB SSD / 1TB traffic(one of my cost overruns in the order of traffic, overpay 1$ top)
The connection is 1Gbit
Axis for me as Ubuntu / CentOS /

What pitfalls there are when choosing a VPS and what else should be paid attention to before purchasing a VPS.
If the first thing you see when you purchase a VPS VDS write - run away (it began to do very often)
The hoster should give free ipv6, and not 1 address but a whole range
Also normal is at least on the SSD
DDOS protection
Its configuration is firewall for their server
Private network between servers
Fast technical support
pay hourly only for what you use

On DO not recommend watching btw.

for Your needs enough forum that described above, its price is 5$
on one of such spinning machines with ubuntu zoneminder with multiple cameras, receiving streams rtsp and gives to sites to jpg c fps 10 frames on the camera.
at the same l2tp /ipsec server for a heap of people
+ mtproto for heaps of people

on another server the same forum is plesk web panek 18 customer sites with a large enough poseschalka, here the memory is running out, and your landing page head.

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