Ubuntu 18.04: wait or upgrade?

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I can not wait when will 18.04 LTS to take down Windows and to install. Thought will be today (where I read about the old 26.04), but did not. Questions:
1) If you put already 17.10, then upgrade when you get out the other day, it will not leave a lot of debris from the previous version? And maybe some weird glitches may appear in contrast to the "clean" installation?
2) If you download the daily build, I can then upgrade to release easily and without artifacts?
3) Or to hammer on all and to wait when will be released?
Which of the three varintov is preferable?
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2 Answers

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I have 4 months worth 18.04 and almost everything works.
1) But at some point it was very fun updating drivers for NVIDIA. A week until fixed packages nothing worked.
2) Every day updated lots of packages. Constantly updated gcc, kernel, and x's. Not only that, they are long, so also each update potentially leads to system crash.
3) I Have a few DIY applications. They may have to rebuild due to version changes of libraries.

So if you want all nice and without problems wait 18.04.1 (August at best) or put the last LTS. She will long be maintained.
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I chose the third option.

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