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How to make when applied to white in Adobe Illustrator you can see all the colored elements of the object?

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Good afternoon.
In Illustrator relatively a newbie, maybe the answer lies on the surface - prompt)

I have a color logo, which is made up of several objects.
when this logo is put before people-white, some elements are not visible.
the logo is in the same group on the same layer with the white object, put all on top.
where, what and how to draw the logo - I don't know. inherited.

also, changing colors on a different background.

Tell me, what am I doing wrong?
maybe just somewhere to take some kind of tick?

thanks in advance for the answer :)
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2 Answers

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Check the blending modes (Transparency panel Shift+Ctrl+F10). Well, you can check out what the circles are made. It happens that this is not a figure filled with color, and all sorts of masks and strange techniques.
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as it turned out, the whole object in overlay mode Normal.
but each circle in a different mode than, as I understand it, the shades are created at the intersections of colors. and if you change the mode of each on Normal, of course, the colors fade at the intersections.

of course, I came out of the situation - drew the logo as a pattern and did a trace ))) it's all the pieces laid out gorgeous ))) for current needs is fine.
but maybe there is a way what would the blending mode of each object to pin to only one object? Or in another way?

And Yes, thank you very much for the answer ))

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